Superannuation advice Mornington Peninsula

Superannuation & Pensions

Self managed superannuation funds are one of our specialties. We can establish a new fund in "no time" putting you back in control of your super.

We provide our clients with commission free advice on superannuation. Our advice is taxation based, meaning we show you the maximum allowable deductible contributions (now called concessional) and maximum allowable non deductible contributions (now called non concessional contributions).

We also help explain the tax benefits of super funds paying pensions and give advice from an administration point of view in regard to the consolidation of small super balances.

We are able to arrange the setting up of new super funds and the payment of pensions, as well as the preparation of super fund tax returns, audits and actuarial reports.

If needed, we have solicitors who specialise in superannuation, stock brokers to help with investments and insurance advisors, allowing us to assist our clients with obtaining the best possible outcome as far as deductibility of superannuation contributions and the flow on affect to the clients other entities.

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