Financing Services Melbourne


We are able to help with most forms of finance through our wide network of trusted contacts in banks and finance brokerages.

Some of the more common types of loans we are able to help with are for rental properties, shops, offices, factories and farms. We are also able to provide chattel mortgage and hire purchase loans for cars, trucks and equipment as well as normal and novated leases where appropriate.

Through careful refinancing we can help you to pay off non tax deductible loans (house, cars, boats etc) first and at a quicker pace. Loan consolidations can often result not only in improved monthly cash flows but also in reducing the overall interest rate.

We can provide advice on the financing of new businesses and rental properties where initial funds may not appear to be adequate.

Many banks and finance companies are only concerned with selling you money. With our assistance, we ensure that you are not over exposed and that loans are set up to be tax effective.

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